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Why Kurt for Texas District 33?

Who is Kurt?

Kurt is a United States Air Force Veteran serving his country from 1986 until 2007.   Volunteering in both active duty campaigns and reserve roles, Kurt knows what it means to serve this great nation of ours.

In 2009 Kurt started VOIEF (Veterans of Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi and Enduring Freedom), an organization built around the unique struggles facing our veterans and their families.  Whether it be financial, physical, or simply encouraging words, Kurt and VOIEF offer their friendship, service and willingness to help veterans get the care they deserve.

Kurt, as chairman of VOIEF, was invited by the President of the United States to the White House as a guest to the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremonies.  A moment of pride to be sure, but also the moment he decided to once again serve his country.  This time, as a representative for citizens in the TX-33 district in the United States House of Representatives.

Kurt is a lifetime VFW member, American Legion Member and NRA Member.

My Top Issues

There are many issues that face the voters in TX33.  From local issues like schools, zoning and parks; to state and national issues like healthcare, infrastructure and national defense.  The distinction between these responsibilities in each level of government allows us to adhere to the foundational principles of the U.S. Constitution, while we tailor our communities to better reflect neighborhood needs.

The national issues my campaign will focus on are below.  While they are not all-inclusive, most issues tie back to these four:

  • Veterans Affairs:  Our veterans served our country.  While they are our hometown heroes, their first loyalty is to the Nation and the United States Constitution.  How do we help those who have been wounded?  How do we help these heroes adapt back to civilian freedoms?  We owe them answers to their questions.  As a veteran myself, and the head of an organization committed to their well-being, I will help provide answers.  Together we can support all of our Veterans!

  • Healthcare:   I believe that receiving the best available healthcare is the inherent right of every human.   I do not believe the same can be said about health insurance.  Insurance coverage was not meant to be an entitlement, nor is it something to be mandated upon a nations citizenry.  Putting aside the politics of "healthcare", don't we all want the freedom to intelligently choose what best works for our individual circumstances?  As our legislators have already shown us, developing the right insurance for "everyone" is something beyond their scope.  The wrong choices are more than a nuisance, they are devastating to those forced to accept them.  Nobody knows our insurance needs better than we do.  Not our neighbors, and certainly not our government.  We need affordable, flexible and reliable coverage choices.  I will fight for this option!

  • Jobs:   Texas has been a magnet for attracting all types of business.  From aeronautics, automotive and agriculture; to defense, technology, tourism and energy, we have it all.  A friendly tax structure for industry and an income-tax free environment for our citizens makes us strong.  In fact if Texas were it's own country, our economy would rank 10th in the world!  Ahead of Canada and South Korea.   We rank second in the U.S. in gross state product measurements, behind California .  But as Texans we want to be number 1!  As anyone can tell you, there are few better feelings in this world than finding the job you were meant to have.  

  • Immigration:  Go into any restaurant, mall or pub and immigration is a hot topic being discussed.  Opposing points of view abound.  I think we can agree on a few simple premises: (1)  Living in America and being American are two separate things.  (2). The pride felt by the citizenry of this great nation is impossible to match!  Those desiring to come should have this yearning.  If you have never been to a mass swearing in ceremony, try it.  It is an amazingly emotional, joyful ceremony. (3) Those coming to this nation meaning to do us harm should immediately be removed or captured, prosecuted and then removed.  Through all of this, our discussions should always start with this common ground.

I am posting a weekly blog titled "Kurt's Corner" to go into more detail each week on these issues.  I am also asking constituents to write me with their questions regarding my positions on issues effecting you directly.  I look forward to hearing from you and letting you know more about how I will Bring YOUR voice to Washington.


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